OpenRegulatory Template

Software System Test Plan

SR ID refers to the ID of the software requirement which is tested by this test.

Note that this is, strictly speaking, not a “plan” because it already includes the results (columns “Actual” and “Pass?”). To keep things clean, I’d suggest splitting this table up into a “plan” and a “protocol” (suggestion by a friendly auditor). The plan contains all columns below except “Actual” and “Pass?”. The protocol contains all columns. The idea is this: It makes sense to write the plan before actually doing the testing. You don’t want to be changing the test steps when you notice your tests are failing (surely nobody would do that). So you write the plan first, finalize it, then copy-paste it to a protocol in which you enter the results after you’ve done your tests.

ID SR ID Description Steps Expected Actual Pass?
1 1 Login with correct email and password succeeds 1. Enter email [email protected]
2. Enter password atari
3. Click login
Redirect to account page Redirect to account page Pass
2 1 Login with incorrect email and password fails 1. Enter email [email protected]
2. Enter password butterfly
3. Click login
Error “invalid credentials” displayed Error “invalid credentials” Pass

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